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We've undergone some lengthy changes to provide you with a better service and a more informative web experience and to bring you some insight into the vast catalogue of screws, bolts, fasteners and fixings we have to offer. Still a Market-Leader in BA Screws, we now offer huge stocks of Stainless, High Tensile, Mild Steel & Multi-Drive fasteners for all industires & applications. From Bike Bolts & Car Bolts to micro Medical & Dentistry Screws, we can even source and quote for specialist, 'one-off' & drawing-spec. machined, formed or turned parts.
Please click on any of the links on this page to be taken to our new Home Page from where you will be able to purchase BA Screws online, followed in the very near future by other, larger product and parts, or, if you do not see any reference to what you require you can visit our Contact page. Please don't hesitate to call, fax or email and we will be more than happy to assist. © Modern Screws Group. 2011 Trade + Retail + Wholesale + Distribution


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